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44th Annual Crystal Ball Rescheduled

When CNY Sales & Marketing Executives selected Laura Serway to be the 44th recipient of the Crystal Ball, we knew it was going to be one of the best years on record.

Not only did she bring to the table all the qualities we look for in a Crystal Ball recipient, she brought us ideas. She brought us sponsors. She brought us AccessCNY. This year’s Crystal Ball was pacing to be one of the highest attended in over 40 years.

When COVID-19 created a world-wide lockdown, our personal and professional priorities shifted. What to where to a business casual awards banquet suddenly took a back seat to the questions that suddenly inundated our minds every morning. How do I keep my family healthy? How can I keep my business open? Will I have a job tomorrow?

While Central New York is quickly on its way to enacting a plan that can give us those answers, CNYSME recognizes that it’ll be a while before our community feels comfortable attending a sold-out event. And yes, the 44th Crystal Ball will be sold out.

The responsibility to keep members safe is our first priority. We won’t ask you to make a choice between supporting this worthy event and putting yourself at risk. That said, we passionately believe in doing right by every person and every company who planned on actively participating. And we certainly want to do as much justice as we can for Laura Serway, who has done so much for our community.

With that in mind, the 44th Annual Crystal Ball will take place (in all its glory) on Wednesday, April 21st, 2021.

We understand that you’ve likely undergone changes in your company. We understand a new date means possible conflicts. Our hope is to take all sponsorships and tickets and apply them to the new date. If you have circumstances that make your company unable to participate on April 21, 2021 please reach out to a Crystal Ball committee chair for a quick resolution.

We look forward to honoring all Sales & Marketing Excellence Award winners, 2021 scholarship recipients, and of course, Laura Serway this coming April 21, 2021!

Thank you for all your support and patience, please reach out with any questions or concerns!

Jaime Lawlor-Wager

Michelle Fontaine

For information on this event, please see the event page.

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