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Work on prospecting for new members, recruiting of new members, and retention of members. Welcome new members with new member information.

Goal – to increase and retain CNYSME members.

Chaired by Rachel Henderson-Kelly,

Select monthly meetings and Rise ‘n Shine workshop topics, speakers, dates, times, location.

Goal – to provide educational value to CNYSME members.

Chaired by Jaime Lawlor,

Work on the annual Crystal Ball event including sponsors, marketing, attendees, logistics, program, etc. Also contribute to the soliciting of SMEA nominations, selection of winners, announcements.

Co-Chaired by Jenn Cline, and Michelle Fontaine,

Work on communicating to members and general public about the organization including brochures, newsletters, website, etc.

Goal – to increase awareness of CNYSME to members and general public.

Address strategic alliances with other organizations to further increase the educational components of the organization. Work on scholarship fund.

Goal – strategic education partnerships.

Chaired by Ben Robbins,

Address items related to the board and governing of the organization including reviewing of by-laws, job descriptions, succession planning, etc.

Goal – to improve the governing of CNYSME.

Co-Chaired by Karie Ballway, and Diana Wolgemuth,

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