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PO Box 5334 | Syracuse, NY 13221 | 315.876.1868

ACV Auctions

640 Ellicott Street #108
Buffalo, NY 14203
(315) 800-3141
Member Type: SMEA


Jennifer Linder


ACV Auctions’ number one objective is to be the trusted way dealers source their wholesale vehicles. We provide the most technologically advanced platform and have assembled dedicated teams of experts to oversee the entire auction process. Our end-to-end services include:
Sending teams of ACV inspectors directly to franchise dealerships to complete comprehensive condition reports, and to launch them as wholesale vehicle auctions.
Employing Territory Managers in all of our regions.

Having dedicated teams of Account Managers supporting buyers, to maximize their successes.Providing teams of specialist to manage payments, title transfers and arbitration, solidifying the effectiveness of ACV’s auction experience.We are the fastest growing independent auction in the nation, expanding into new markets every month.
We are effectively saving dealers money, increasing reach and streamlining the auction process, allowing them more time to run their businesses.
Every vehicle listed by an ACV inspector includes a comprehensive condition report, markedly more thorough than the industry’s standard report. We provide fluid levels, OBD2 scans, paint meter readings, tire tread depths and 30–40 high resolution photos that include details of the undercarriage. Dealers know exactly what they are buying.
Franchise dealers who use ACV no longer have to lose time dealing with the demands of the physical auction, or spend money shipping a vehicle to one again. ACV’s impartial condition reports complete with detailed photographs allow buyers to have the luxury of knowing everything about a vehicle before they purchase, removing the uncertainty of buying from the physical auction. And all the extra time they save can be spent running their businesses.
Our auction doesn’t require a parking lot or a building, so our overhead is lower than traditional auctions. That savings affords ACV the luxury of lowering our buyer and seller fees.
All these factors combine to create the best buying and selling experience possible.
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