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PO Box 5334 | Syracuse, NY 13221 | 315.876.1868

KBM Management

KBM Management

5860 Heritage Landing Dr
East Syracuse, NY 13057
(315) 449-0229 x106
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Brooks Wright


KBM Management was founded in 1986 to address the needs of employers who felt helpless when seeking alternatives to their fully insured Group Health and Workers’ Compensation plans. We developed a stop-loss insurance market that allowed them to explore the ability to self-fund these plans. By un-bundling the components of fully-insured Group Health and Workers’ Compensation plans we allowed our clients to gain more control over claims and costs.

Our large group consulting experience led to KBM developing a small and mid-market client base of employers interested in partial and individual self-funding. We help our clients focus on driving down premium cost by educating employees on how to better utilize their benefits. KBM provides a full range of services to clients with as few as two employees through our Brokerage Division while continuing to work on a consulting (fee-for-service) basis for our larger self-funded and self-insured clients.
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