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PO Box 5334 | Syracuse, NY 13221 | 315.876.1868

Nordique Consulting Group

Nordique Consulting Group

235 Walton St., Suite 201
Syracuse, NY 13202
(315) 471-1002
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Jennifer Cline


The Nordique Consulting Group (NCG) is a sales and marketing consulting firm focusing on the synergy between sales and marketing. Incorporating the philosophy that they are not separate departments with separate goals, but one department after the same goal.

Ideal clients of NCG are companies of all sizes and industries that want to develop and execute a consolidated sales and marketing plan. We are not just “creative types”, we understand the sales end just as much. We believe something looking pretty is not enough. We always develop a plan keeping in mind how it will increase sales and how will we measure it. If it can’t be measured, we won’t do it.
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