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PO Box 5334 | Syracuse, NY 13221 | 315.876.1868

Pinnacle Human Resources, LLC

90 State Street, Floor 7 (Corporate Office) Syracuse Division
Albany, NY 12207
(315) 730-6466
Member Type: Individual


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Pinnacle Human Resources, LLC was established on November 1, 2009. We were formerly a member firm of The Bonadio Group and have continued to service our clients since 2005. The Pinnacle Human Resources staff is comprised of some of the most experienced human resources consultants and staffing professionals in the country.

Since 2005, we have provided HR consulting services to over 4,000 clients. We offer customized HR support services that encompass the entire HR delivery system. There is almost no project we can’t do. Pinnacle is client-focused, and we keep adding HR support programs based on client needs. We have a scalable team of internal consultants all available in a “just in time” basis.
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