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Sales & Marketing Excellence Award

The Sales & Marketing Excellence Award (SMEA) program is an opportunity for Central New York organizations to honor their “best and brightest” employees.

Honor Your “Best and Brightest”

Since 1977, Central New York Sales & Marketing Executives (CNYSME) has been recognizing excellence in the sales and marketing profession at their Annual Crystal Ball / SMEA Banquet where Sales & Marketing Excellence Award recipients are publicly honored by their organizations and CNYSME.

Nominate your Best and Brightest today.

Who qualifies to receive a Sales & Marketing Excellence Award?

CNYSME encourages organizations to determine their own standards by which to select their Sales & Marketing Excellence Award recipient(s). We suggest that the following accomplishments be considered:

  • Understanding the customer
  • Understanding the market
  • Conveying positive company image
  • Quality of presentation
  • Attaining objectives
  • Community and civic involvement

Why should your company participate?

Sponsoring a Sales & Marketing Excellence Award winner brings tangible benefits to your firm through:

  • Public recognition for employees of your organization who exemplify professional sales and marketing excellence.
  • Excitement created within your organization and the incentive for others to strive toward this same goal.
  • Publicity obtained for your winner(s) and your firm through the SMEA program, press releases, advertising and banquet.
  • Affiliation of your firm and your winner(s) with the prestigious Crystal Ball / SMEA Banquet, Central New York’s premier sales and marketing award event, sponsored by CNY Sales & Marketing Executives, the area’s premier organization for sales and marketing professionals.

Nominate your Best and Brightest today.

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