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PO Box 5334 | Syracuse, NY 13221 | 315.876.1868

Belyea has been with the company for more than 25 years, serving in many roles including VP of Sales and Marketing, overseeing CXtec’s CABLExpress® division where he spearheaded the development, production and sale of industry-leading high performance data center cabling products. He was the catalyst behind innovative go-to-market strategies in all of these divisions. From the creation of the Networks Now Catalog, the company’s initial website launch, the equal2new branding strategy to the current social media marketing plans. The combination of these marketing techniques and his experience in sales helped him succeed in significant growth in every division he has led. Belyea also served as the Sponsoring Executive and Vice President of TERACAI during its launch, development and growth as a start-up Cisco Silver partner. In the first 12 months, Belyea managed them to revenues exceeding $35 million.

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